What Makes Us Special?

We are an early years nursery that offers much more than just the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

We believe in educating the ‘whole’ child from an early age and offer experiences that will enhance and inspire children to learn more about their place in the world that they live in!

Here are just a few of the different types of learning experience that we incorporate into our daily routines…


Both of our qualified teachers are also musicians who use their music and song to inspire the children and help them to learn the basics elements of music. Using pitch, rhythm, percussion and singing to enhance their understanding in use of music and melody


We teach our children to sign as they speak, just like Mr Tumble in ‘Something Special’. Kath is qualified Regional Makaton tutor who teaches our staff and children in weekly sessions how to add sign language into their speaking, singing and playing.


With physical development now one of the 3 Prime Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we want all our children to develop an awareness of their physical potential and enjoy the fun and relaxation that Yoga brings. We have weekly classes.

Movement & Dance

With physical development being one of the three Prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we offer our children the opportunity to develop and enhance their physical abilities through, movement, dance and drama with our trained instructor from the wonderful En Pointe School of Dance

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to Educate, Nurture & Inspire your child to Learn Through Play

Here are some of the ways that we do that:

  • Providing opportunities for the children to play, to talk, to experiment, to investigate, to develop their mathematical understanding and to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually
  • Giving children support to make them feel good about themselves and the choices they make so that their sense of identity and self worth is reinforced and supported
  • Offering children first hand experiences using a variety of materials and to develop their natural curiosity in the world around them
  • Developing a “can do” attitude towards learning
  • Providing a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Giving children choices in their learning
  • Observing, supporting, encouraging and extending their learning
  • Encouraging negotiation and helping them with the skills to resolve conflict with others — adults with children, children with adults and children with children
  • Enabling children to have fun and enjoy their time with us
  • Learning through play

Tapestry- Online learning journal

Tapestry is an online Learning Journal that we use to record your child’s learning and development. 

It’s an exciting way for us to share with you, you’re child’s learning and progress ; in secure and easy format to access.Tapestry  is hosted in the UK on secure servers.  You can visit https://eylj.org for further information. 

You will be able to access your child’s Learning Journal on your computer/iPhone or iPad.

Each child will have a personal on-line Learning Journey which records photos, observation and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  Parents will have secure access (via an individual and personal email address and password) to only your child’s Learning Journey. In addition to viewing our observations, you will be able to add and make your own comments on your child’s the observations.  Your child’s key worker will explain the process of how to access your child’s learning journal.

PolkaDots @Cresswood

Cresswood Hall, Gillies Street

London NW5 4DP



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Athlone Hall, Athlone Street

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