Makaton Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Makaton Advent Calendar!

Get ready for Christmas with our Makaton Advent Challenge! There’s a sign for every day in our advent calendar. Watch the videos and learn to sign with Kath!

Day 1 – Reindeer

Santa’s favourite form of transport, our first sign on the Makaton Advent Calendar is… Reindeer!

Day 2 – Star!

Twinkle, twinkle, little… star!! Learn the sign for star and use it in the nursery rhyme at home!

Day 3 – Snowman

Lots of you already know the sign for man, but did you know the sign for snow? Put them together to make a Snowman!

Day 4 – Sleigh

If you have presents for all of the children at PolkaDots, you’re going to need a big sleigh! To make the sign for sleigh, just pretend you’re holding the reigns and riding next to Santa!

Day 5 – Christmas

The most important sign, you can use this in all your Christmas songs!

Try singing and signing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”!

Day 6 – Christmas Tree

To make the sign, imagine you’re drawing the shape of your Christmas Tree at home with your hands!

Day 7 – Turkey

To make the sign for Turkey, hold two fingers beneath your chin and wobble them like a turkey!

Day 8 – Father Christmas

Did you write a letter to Father Christmas this year?

Make the sign for Father Christmas by pretending you’re carrying a big sackful of presents!

Day 9 – Christmas Cracker

Have fun with your Christmas dinner and pull a cracker!

Day 10 – Elf

The elves work all year round to help Santa make all his presents and Christmas is their favourite time of year!

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