About Us

Learning through play!

Polkadots goes beyond the National Curriculum in what we offer children

More than just childcare, Polkadots offers a space for children to learn through play.

  • We want children to learn about their world and communicate their curiosity – which is why we are a Makaton signing nursery.
  • We want children to experience their worlds through their bodies – so our children have Dance classes as well as Yoga sessions with a professional instructor.
  • Most of all, we want to inspire children to be life-long learners so Polkadots has lots of story reading, arts and crafts, and lots and lots of singing sessions (including signing along in Makaton!)

Polkadots is a family run nursery led by a mother and daughter team – Kathleen O’Shea and Grace Prendergast. Both fully qualified teachers and early years specialists, between them they have years of teaching experience. They’re also both musicians who bring their instruments and music-making to our nurseries!

Kath and Grace wanted to bring their experience and teaching skills to the world of early years and design a nursery where children are at the heart of the learning experience. So in 2014, they decided to team up and start their own nursery school… and ‘PolkaDots’ was born!

6 years later and Polkadots now has a fantastic group of experienced and friendly staff who make up our team.

Click Here to Meet Us!

PolkaDots @Cresswood

Cresswood Hall, Gillies Street

London NW5 4DP



PolkaDots @Athlone

Athlone Hall, Athlone Street

London NW5 4LS



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