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This month’s newsletter has links to useful resources, including a Parent Guide to Oral Health and a Nature Treasure Hunt. Find out how much our PolkaDots community raised with our Macmillan coffee morning. There’s also news about our next free workshop for PolkaDots parents happening next month…

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October Resources for Parents!

Nature Treasure Hunt

Looking to get the little ones out into nature this half-term? Why not turn a morning out into a Nature Treasure Hunt! Download the PDF to your phone, or print it off to add your very own treasure to find…

Parent Guide to Oral Health

  • When should my child give up bottles?
  • What are the best drinks for my child’s teeth?
  • When should I book my child’s first trip to the dentist?

Our Parent’s Guide to Oral Health answers all of these questions and more. The guide contains practical advice and information on how best to look after your child’s teeth and the best drinks and snacks to keep them healthy.

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